Thursday Night Cover Art

Try to read between the squiggles.

Those blue squiggles is the foetus so to speak (i.e. yet to form properly) of a music doctor or wizard. Perhaps you can decipher the blue guitar, coat and top hat with hat band. The other squiggles haven’t fully formed yet either. They are just abstractions or iridescent possibilities.

In a music video these squiggles might evolve or take shape into various iconographies; colourful babes, cool kids riding their skateboards and bikes, adolescents shooting baskets, couples walking together or making out, lonely ones, families out shopping.

Conceptually, the image is possibilities or dreamscape converging to meet with the very ordinary reality of most peoples’ lives. Then of course there’s the cool car at the bottom right that’s both imbibing the scenery or vibe and also helping to create the reality that is taking shape all around.

This image might also be appreciated on a more intellectually abstract or philosophical level. For instance, it’s worth noting that some years after having executed it, my image strangely appeared in my mind’s eye one morning while reading the following words with surrounding text from, ‘Existenzphilosophie’ by Jaspers.

  • 3. The Encompassing. IV.

“Reason is itself still the only thing by and for which the chaos of the negative in its passion for Night preserves its mode of potential Existenz, a reason which otherwise would be surrendered to what is absolutely alien at these extreme limits.”

  • 3. The Encompassing. V.

“The great poles of our being, which encounter one another in every mode of the Encompassing, are thus reason and Existenz. They are inseparable. Each disappears with the disappearance of the other. Reason should not surrender to Existenz to produce an isolating defiance which resists communication in despair. Existenz should not surrender to reason in favour of a transparency which is substituted for substantial reality.

Existenz only becomes clear through reason; reason only has content through Existenz.”

I first wrote the song one Thursday night in 2006. At the time I was working a gig as security on the door at the local HJ’s. The song is more or less my observations of that night together with my memories of late night shopping over the years and of course some creative license or comprehension or call it what you will.

Thursday Night Shopping has been an integral part of Australian life for so long it’s part of Australia’s popular and consumer culture. This song is my salute to this Australian past-time.


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