I Imagine You With Me

This is song #6 on my Australia Wide EP.

I first wrote it in 2009. I reworked it a bunch of times with different verses and also refrains such as, “I Wish You Were Here With Me” and “Will You Be With Me”.

I finally had the song demo produced as, “I Imagine You With Me” in November 2012 but not before having produced a version earlier in the year titled, “I’ll Imagine You To Me”. Amending all this required my doing a somewhat complicated DIY edit to the music bed as well as rewriting some of the lyrics. Yes, songwriting can be a fickle process and expensive when it comes to production.

One day I hope to make a great music video for the song and have the money or get the investment to have the song produced to a more mainstream commercial release standard.

I guess the song was more or less inspired by the sort of female aesthetic I find attractive. IF you’re interested to know what that might have looked like over thirty years ago although probably not so much now, all you need to do is watch the video in this private post,




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