Soldiers of Truth

Truth, Justice & The American Way!

Remember that expression? I think it was Superman who said it back whenever they did the first Superman movie. Maybe someone else such as a politician or whomever said it also? Whatever. Besides, most people remember the movie but not much else, right?

There’s also another possibly lesser known, expression. Lesser known perhaps because I can’t personally recall hearing it in a movie although maybe I only remember it ’cause that’s where I did hear it?

The First Casualty of War is Truth

Don’t know if the expression has been attributed to anyone particular but if you Google it you might find it belongs to some politician or general or establishment celebrity, right?

I recall, Superman’s Dad in Superman #1 was Marlon Brando. At the time he was like The Big $hot of Hollywood and commanded the biggest buck$ ever paid to any actor ever for his appearance of only a minute or two at the beginning of the movie. I was only eleven or twelve years old at the time but I think there was quite a hullabaloo about it in the media. I remember sitting in the back seat of the family car as we drove across the Sydney Harbour Bridge while my mother and her second husband discussed the large sum Marlon Brando had demanded he be paid to speak only a few lines.


So then, it was obviously very important in world news and affairs, right? Yes, well perhaps it was but I was only listening attentively because for the first time in living memory the adults were discussing a matter of some remote interest to me. This was highly unusual. Yes, I couldn’t believe my ears. They were actually discussing something to do with Superman. What I gleaned from the event was my mother saying something along the lines,

” … of course they’ll pay it!”


“How could they possibly cast anyone other than Marlon Brando to play Superman’s father … “

At the time, I’d never even heard of Marlon Brando but I immediately comprehended he must be pretty damned awesome! I mean, Superman’s Dad and also ratified by my mother!

By the time I eventually saw Superman #1, I had forgotten the adult conversation in the car and I barely even noticed Marlon Brando. He was for me lost in a veil of nebulous whiteness at the start of the movie that didn’t make much sense. Whether this cinematic Hollywood hue was induced to lend an aura of supernatural spirituality or wisdom or marrow or age or racism or comeliness, I couldn’t at the time be sure. Nor did I care. I just found this vague bit at the beginning of the movie easy to forget for the glossy flying red cape, blue suit and bulk action.

The first time I ever really noticed Marlon Brando was when I sat alone in an almost empty movie theater watching a rerun of Apocalypse Now. I’d seen the movie years before and similar to most of my piers I thought it was a good action movie. At that time I’d been an adolescent. Young, dumb and full of cum. Actually, more over complicated and stupefied than dumb but pretty dumb nevertheless.

Anyway, I hadn’t taken the time or been availed of the presence of mind to really imbibe the movie. Neither at that earlier age did I have a more sophisticated understanding of the Vietnam war or politics or economics or tyranny or corruption or any manner of other social paradigms, intangibles of the male psyche or variables of the human condition.

So then, I hadn’t really noticed Marlon Brando the first time I watched Apocalypse Now. I mean, for the most part I couldn’t even hear what it was exactly he was mumbling. They were the boring bits anyway, right?

While watching the movie for the second time in the above mentioned cinema I fervently wished he would enunciate properly. Straining so hard to hear his words, I felt like standing up and screaming at the screen, “Speak Clearly You Fxxxxxx Fxxx Damned You!”

It took me longer than it should have to elucidate what for me is the most important dialogue in the entire movie. The movie was first released in Australia back in 1979 yet it was more than thirty years later and only after being technically empowered enough by the advent of DVD and similar to repeat the following dialogue over and over again that I finally interpreted his mumbling as having alluded to these critical words,

” … you’re not a soldier, you’re an errand boy sent by grocery clerks to collect a bill”

To my mind, the practice of severing heads and speaking the above words in Apocalypse Now needed to be performed by an actor of Marlon Brando’s caliber. Why? Because it’s important stuff that should be noticed and considered at depth and not glossed over with mediocre acting or a divisive media bite. Yes, it may well have detracted from the gravitas and textured nuance of his character if he had enunciated his words. Nevertheless, I think it’s unfortunate these words were probably lost to the ears of an entire generation or two owing to the audience being unable to understand what he was saying. I mean, a person needs to make out or understand the actual words before they have any chance of understanding their meaning, right?

Don’t know if anyone has already written about this matter of Marlon Brando’s incoherent mumbling in Apocalypse Now; the paradox or contradiction of his complicity in obfuscating truth while simultaneously exposing it. I’m guessing some have. Even so, for some ungodly reason (brainwashing; conditioning; programming) I feel conflicted just thinking about it. Of course, we each may have our own Apocalypse right about Now so it’s probably worth at the least mentioning, right?

If anyone is aware of the truth or otherwise of my accusation I have little doubt it is Marlon Brando himself. Who knows. Perhaps, I wouldn’t have bothered listening quite as hard as I did so many times if I’d heard his words clearly the first time. Perhaps in the final analysis they would have meant less to me. Perhaps his mumbling was anticipated to combat the absorbing dying vegetable nature of indolence and the forsaken mentality of banal contemporary consumer culture.

Perhaps indeed, Brando doesn’t hold himself responsible for or accountable to a public not bothered to investigate what he is actually saying. I mean, he’s only considered to be the greatest actor of the twentieth century so why should anyone bother to know what he’s actually saying? I mean, if you can’t just have it shoved down your throat and ameliorate the trauma or your moral dilemma with pills, pop corn and coke, what’s it worth anyway, right?

Anyway, I’ll cut to the chase of this post.

Disabled Iraq War Veteran Facing Life in Prison for Less than 1 ounce of Marijuana

Yes, I’d like to give a Big Thumbs Up to this guy KRIS for being awesome! I mean, he’s obviously fighting The Good Fight. Even if only as a victim of circumstance he’s inadvertently shedding light where there is darkness. I mean, how can a true soldier or patriot help but stand up for Truth, Justice & The American Way as it was originally intended. True Representation in a Real Republic & Freedom From Tyranny. This is what true soldiers AKA heroes do, right? So what choice does he have? In a nation and a world threatened and dictated to by terrorists, it’s his lot, right?

Truth, Justice & The American Way never meant fighting for Corrupt Government Rackets or the interests of Powerful Private Corporations or Beastly Banks, right?

Yes. Just in case you didn’t know or have forgotten. That’s Correct. Superman never would have stood for it. As for Superman’s Dad, he would have probably decapitated them all while mumbling crazy stuff no one can understand!

Sound eerily familiar?

Whether he even knows it or not and however bad or sad things may seem for him, this guy KRIS’ plight by virtue of it shining some light is quite frankly, awesome! Yes, I suggest you take a moment to Click on the below image, read the article, share it to your social network and sign KRIS’ petition. May God & Reason Bless America!


He who learns must suffer, and, even in our sleep, pain that cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, and in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom to us by the awful grace of God. 

– Aeschylus (525 BC – 456 BC)


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