Filmed against a Green Screen with a small action Camera mounted on a tripod and edited in Final Cut. This is my second Video Song Demo for 2017. Please take the time to Watch it and THINK.

While the rooster at the end of the video may at first sight seem to be a rather Colorful Jewie Red Rooster that may like to swing in the Crow House ALL the time, it can be discerned upon closer inspection that it is actually a Blue Rooster. Yes, the throat being the window to the soul, this can be ascertained by the color on its lower neck. So, a True Blue Rooster that has quite possibly been accidentally-on-purpose locked out of the chicken coupe and left to scrounge for offal by the side of the road.

Yes, there’s a lot I might say about this Video Song Demo with regard to the aesthetics and how they complement the lyrics with a view to pointing to the reality and/or truth. I may write a dedicated post or film a video presentation where I discuss the song and video song demo in greater detail. To give you the gist of what it’s about I’ve copied the following text from one of my Facebook Page comments:

… it’s a Crony Capitalist Crypto Communist #NeoHegeMonopolistic Corporate Supremacy NWO agenda. These financial elites and their collabor-traitors are essentially Neoliberals who appear to promote worthy Liberal values but do it divisively c/- “Altruism” that is itself an unmentionable intelligentsia’s secularisation of Spiritual Principles in order to create the false Parasitical Parallels required for native host constituents to be complicit in their own subversion and ultimately oppression (i.e. become pseudo-parasites) for the benefit and ultimately tyranny of the Virtual Host which is of course The Devil Beast System otherwise referred to as The Parasite. I try to both explain and illuminate at the least some of this in my latest song titled, #TheSophisticatedParasite

In my view, The Jewish World Communist Conspiracy is not an entirely ignoble world hegemony agenda. My understanding, is, it’s an attempt to secure Prometheus’ Legacy. IF successful this may ultimately impact humanity and the world at large for the better.

Again, in my view, what some Jewish elites may have overlooked or forgotten or too easily dismissed or perhaps taken too lightly, is, God, is or at the least was, as per the title of R. F. Delderfield’s book, “God is an Englishman”, an Englishman.

Yes. This has implications I shan’t enter into here. Suffice it to say, our Jew may, as he is sometimes prone to do, have lost sight of the fact he’s not the big boss. He is at best the 2IC or CFO or similar and if Chosen is chosen to be The Adversary who exists to test and hone the spiritual mettle of, The Royal True Blue Dragon Blood Christ Line.

IF our Jew were able to be less reviled and more adept at positioning his aforementioned primary agenda in such a manner it might more easily be understood and consequently more acceptable to those he invariably makes his enemy (rather than his respected and worthy ally) Prometheus’ Legacy may stand some chance of being achieved where otherwise, lacking the requisite spiritual and creative input, it more than likely won’t be.

So, no. While our Jew may well get to hog or glut much Glamor for themselves, I doubt Glory is reserved for them alone, let alone at the expense of any who may be more worthy. I’m not too sorry to have to disappoint our Jew about this. Particularly, as I can only imagine how very important not self-sabotaging Prometheus’ Legacy is or at the least should be for them.

In conclusion. I will endeavor to practice Eloquent Truth rather than InFhureriated Truth and as this below video attests, I may even be prepared to don, at the least once in a while, a skull cap or similar that may indicate my respect for my adversary.

I feel this may better serve the interests of both The Kingdom & The System than to understandably albeit erroneously default to an InFhureriated Truth that hasn’t learned a profound enough respect for reality. Namely, the metaphysical Jesus Christ principle of Resist Not Evil and Right Response over wrong reaction.

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Update July 2020

Recent uploads to my bitchute channel such as this Sunday Sermon or my short video, What Is True White Supremacy?! are relevant to this topic. Links open in a new page.



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