This post consists of the foreword and excerpts from my private post, TRUCKIN’ THE TRUE ~ EXPLAINED. The purpose is to give a public sample of my private content.

Text samples 📝


While the contemporary post-modern Capitalist/Marxist Neoliberal music industry may WoW consumers with a sophisticated aesthetic of high end production and low content or mesmerize audiences with well trained monkey acts or so called avant-garde performers who possess the functional skills required to reduce art to artistry in the service of affectations, my work is quite different.

I set out to further art and truth. I go to great efforts to comprehend the sophisticated and create intellectually substantive content and then present it in the most unpretentious way I can. This song is a good example of how I endeavor to do this using a rudimentary Country Pop aesthetic to elucidate an understanding of the complex, clarify rather than spin the sophistry and potentially expose, deceit. The lyric song is itself the sophisticated content (i.e. actual content) rather than, the-other-way-around.

That is to say, the production or produced product is not the primary sophisticated, so-called, content (i.e. artificial content). Artifice is hereby identified and made to complement or enhance, whereby the word enhance means to help to explain but not alter, rather than compromise the integrity of the art. Of course only those with the wherewithal who also take the time to comprehend the song will recognize this to be the case and therein lies the (propaganda) dilemma but also the ethic. The song exists both apart (from) yet also exhibits comprehension of the sophisticated. It is thereby cognizant of but not complicit in the deceit.

The song is educational. I attempt to illuminate or clarify sophistry rather than spin or leverage it and this is in large part, why, a dressing of frivolous affectations however aesthetically compelling for Je Ne Sais Quoi or market share, would surely only detract from the objective. The sophistry to be identified and ultimately illuminated or clarified is diabolical enough in and of itself to require no further submission or coddling. Naive treatment of the aesthetic is therefore best in order to not distinguish or elevate it from the content it should serve to imbue … rather than have it, the aesthetic, serve something else entirely. To give truth a fighting chance! I wonder how many people grasp this? Too few!


To reiterate, my intention behind the loaded multimedia, namely, the propaganda synesthesia of conflating contradistinctions via words & visuals that should leave anyone, whether Liberal or Conservative feeling conflicted, is, the host population audience needs to acquire a discriminating sensibility (eye & ear) for sophistry in order to better discern truth. This is required, if we, as host populations, are to extricate ourselves from the false parasitical parallels of The Divide & Steal and return to our true paths (Aryan ideal) thereby proving ourselves worthy of Self-Determination whereby the natural order is restored and The [corporate/carnal-man] System serves rather than subjugates, The [hu-man] Kingdom.


Neoliberalism hijacked the traditional Western Liberal Left and turned it into the Politically Correct Identity Politics of the contemporary New pseudo Left in order to neuter representation of Labor (i.e. the worker) in the chain of supply. New Left PCID – Politically Correct Identity Politics – is a contemporary form of Cultural Marxism. Instead, however, of empowering the Western World’s collective of ordinary working people through cultural institutions as the ideal of Cultural Marxism originally intended (supposedly), the movement is hijacked/subverted by Special Interests to facilitate what I refer to in this song as their own Crony Capitalist Crypto Communist #NeoHegeMonopolistic Corporate Supremacy NWO agenda.


This is why many Anti-Fa and SJW’s and LGBTQ+ and contemporary Liberals are referred to as the Lunatic Left or Globalists’ Useful Idiots. They may genuinely believe they are being Humane (i.e. Anti-Racist and Compassionate for Refugees etc.) but they are often Lumpen Proletariat who are being used divisively as Foot Soldiers or Cannon Fodder or Celebrity Mouth Pieces to do the Politically Correct grunt work for their nemesis’, namely, the Crony Capitalist Crypto Communist #NeoHegeMonopolistic Corporate Supremacy NWO … to undermine the Voice and Representation of The People. This is the terrible irony.


Hypothetical Question: I’m a little confused by the little green space man? I don’t quite understand what’s going on with him exactly? Especially at the end? Does his space ship vaporize Donald Trump? Please explain?

Answer: Yes. Good question. The Green Space Man represents other levels of this dynamic. The Gist of it is …


When you see the Flash of the little Green Space Man going from Big Roger (i.e. The Red Kangaroo) to the TIDY TOWN train station it’s because Big Roger likes to discover, pick up and crush shiny objects and one day he found the little Green Man’s Space Ship in The Outback (i.e. arid Australian in-lands) and when Roger started crushing it the little Green Space Man had to make a quick exit. The TIDY TOWN train station was the closest remarkable spot while transporting at short notice!


As for, Donald J. Trump. He bet his money and reputation on the True Blue Truck. Some may believe his intentions are honorable or True while others are convinced he has hijacked that truck for his own selfish Capitalist ambitions or to facilitate the agenda of his worldly … blah blah blah or maybe just Google, US6506148-B2


“Fascist American Cognitive Dissonance” is what it is and not necessarily a bad thing because of course “Utopia” whether Communist or anything else is also what it is. Utopian. It’s not real … unless it is. In other words, in order to be real it must also be true.

Accordingly, most “DumbFuckistanis” (whether they recognize it or not) should have a reasonably well honed “BS Detector” in this regard. In other words, IF “… it’s too Good to be True” then it probably is too good not to be true per se but rather too good to be Real especially if the word “Communist” is involved. This doesn’t mean the principled Utopian ideal is wrong so much as it is correct to suspect it is subverted or hijacked by and for Special Corporate Interests … unless of course, it’s not.

For example. The Duke in a Pink Hollywood Cowboy Shirt represents “The American Dream” or a “Principled Communist (i.e. a contradiction in terms) Utopia (i.e. lacks pragmatic plausibility) of The Host For The People” with which the Hollywood PSYOP is on board. Yet what are the most famous words The Duke ever uttered? Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe they were, “That’ll Be The Day!”

Yes, you may be interested to dedicate some time to considering things according to my view or speculative-bias, that … while Utopia isn’t Real (unless it is) it may, albeit fiction, be True and while Dystopia isn’t True it may, albeit non-fiction, be Real.








  1. In short The System exists to serve The Kingdom not itself. Unfortunately The Kingdom, owing to not having better understood this for one systemic reason and another, has failed to explain this to The System in such a way as The System does that. ~ Enter The Dragon’s King! ~


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