My Owner Builder Home is FOR SALE

I built my house as an Owner Builder on the Mid West coast of Western Australia. Completed in 2011, it’s a prestige home with quality fixtures, big 2000+ square/m yard, opposite surf beach, sea views, 7 Kms into local CBD.

I first listed it around 2011 for over AU$700K. This was the peak of the local property market and just before the end of the Western Australian mining boom. Since the end of said mining boom there is an oversupply of homes for sale in the local real estate markets and prices have plummeted.

Over five years later (now more than 7 years later) I’m STILL trying to sell my house for more than $300K less than originally listed. This is well below replacement cost but I don’t have regular or reliable employment so having taken out an Equity Loan to complete the build, it’s better for me to sell than potentially lose it to The Bank. A similar quality/positioned home on the East coast of Australia would cost Million$.

I suspect many East coast buyers in Australia are not only buying into a property bubble but their thinking is also locked in a brain bubble. My advice is GTFO or to be PC …  country PoP it and reconsider your world view.

I understand many on the East coast will be enslaved to their work location yet there will also be, property investors, flexi-workers, business start-ups, entrepreneurs and retirees who rather than choosing the expensive and quite ugly suburban sprawls of capitals such as Sydney or Melbourne or the concrete jungles of the Gold Coast could do worse than to move to the now comparatively inexpensive Mid West and Coral Coast where they can get a REAL house in REAL Australia for a Fairer price.

Yes the irony is iF these over extended sophisticated East coasters were less parochial they might, Get West.


Most of my Get West music video was filmed within a short drive from my house. The native pine tree (possibly a Casuarina obesa or Swamp SheoakI’m sitting under at the beginning of the clip, the sand dunes and the beach where I jump, fully clothed, into the Indian Ocean are scenes filmed within a walk from the house as the crow or rather, sea bird, flies.

Below video by David Quintieri

iF I were a celebrity artist the house might be worth buying as an appreciable investment for that reason alone but of course I’m not so, 📌 WHATEVER 📍


Serious buyer inquiries can contact me using the message form on the Contact page

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