BEIJING Release & Cover Art

I first wrote this song in 2001 while I was living and working in Beijing, China. I lived in Beijing for about eighteen months prior to travelling back to Australia. I returned again in 2005 for another five months.

Beijing, was approved for release as a single of same title in Greater China in early, 2012. This required the song to be translated into Mandarin and then approved by the Chinese authorities namely, The Chinese Approval Department.

The song was scheduled for release to the China market but at the eleventh hour I pulled the pin. I wanted to rewrite some lyrics in the 4th verse. Unfortunately, the remix didn’t work out. For the sake of release, I decided to stick with the original version.

I eventually removed the above mentioned lyrics myself with a home edit. You can listen to the result by streaming BEIJING on my YouTube channel. Alternatively, you can go to the sales page for the 2020 release of my Australia Wide EP where BEIJING is now the first song on the EP. The words still aren’t exactly as I want them but they’re not going to change unless I get a record deal for an Australia Wide album in which case all songs on my (demo) EP would be reproduced to a commercial standard.

Beijing was track #4 on the 2011 release of my Australia Wide EP and also on the first release of my 2013 Australia Wide Extended EP which was released in China on 15th August 2013. All songs on the 2013 Extended EP were translated into Mandarin and required approval by the authorities prior to release. The EP was available to purchase for a year or two on Paishouba.Com which is or was China’s version of iTunes.

I created the cover art for BEIJING in Photoshop. It’s based around a photo I took at my farewell dinner when I left my job in Beijing in 2001.



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