Politics Within Modern Popular Music – The Devil at the Crossroads

My lyrical comment on this post which is a good read.

I was wondering while wandering like a wandering who why I’m not living large on legions indentured into the who of the who’s who but only have an audience that numbers one or two or maybe at most a few and here your writing confirms my POV it’s ’cause my soul is too 卐 erudite 卍 so it just doesn’t fit quite right for who is the who in the who’s who so, thank you and this kind-of-rhymes so I’m guessing it might be true.

– Tommy R

Peter Cooney Enabler

Cross.jpg The Kosher Conundrum – Politics in Music

As the story goes, way down in the Deep South of the Mississippi Delta a young aspiring musician by the name of Robert Johnson did make a deal with a certain unnameable being that’s long been the point of conjecture. Yet, when we follow the paper trail of the receipts for payments for work, then lo and behold none other than Mr. Jew is all over it once again. From those very first early recordings of the Blues did the pilgrims of the crossroad make deals with the devil. Now, there was only one recording house of the day, and that was in Chicago, where many Negro musicians ventured in search of fame. Link.

There are many depictions of the devil, and none more clear than that of Jesus on the mountain top. The time where Satan offers the Lord the whole…

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