From ‘Order’… into a Rainbow of Chaos:

Quoted from the below article.

“We have, it is true, entirely broken the power of the Jews in the Reich, but they have not given up. They did not rest until they had mobilized the whole world against us. Since they could no longer conquer Germany from within, they want to try it from without. Every Russian, English, and American soldier is a mercenary of this world conspiracy of a parasitic race. Given the current state of the war, who could still believe that they are fighting and dying at the front for the national interests of their countries! The nations want a decent peace, but the Jews are against it. They know that the end of the war would mean the dawning humanity’s knowledge of the unhealthy role that International Jewry played in preparing for and carrying out this war. They fear being unmasked, which has in fact become unavoidable and must inevitably come, just as the day follows the night. “The Creators of the World’s Misfortunes”

by Joseph Goebbels (excerpt) The source: “Die Urheber des Unglücks der Welt,” Das Reich, 21 January 1945, pp. 1, 3.


This article also offers good insight into an authentic National Socialist economy compared to a Capitalist economy. Read also this reblog esp. for an understanding of some fundamental differences between a National Socialist and a Marxist Socialist economy.

– Tommy R

Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

Meine Verbrühung Tränen (My Scalding Tears)

Anarchism: One of the many tools of the Zionist Banker crime families used to cause division and chain reactions to secure, reinforce, or reinstate usury in target nations.

Marinus (Rinus) van der Lubbe (13 January 1909 – 10 January 1934) was a Jewish immigrant and a Dutch council communist/Marxist, tried, convicted and executed for setting fire to the German Reichstag building on 27 February 1933, an event known as the Reichstag fire.

Gestapo: Set up in self defence, within weeks of the Reichstag fire. Patriotic and strict but only feared by enemies of the state, Marxists, Bolshevik Jews, double agents, traitors and spies etc.

The contemporary Hollywood Neo-nazi image of today is a sub-product of Jewish and fake ally and Bolshevik post-war propaganda to secure the interests of the Jewish Banker crime families and their global network of usury, money laundering and white collar gatekeepers.

Lichterfelde Barracks: Became the…

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