Politically incorrect

A worthwhile article.

Yes, in my view, the Capitalist-Marxist socialist as opposed to authentic National Socialist welfare states in our respective ZOG (zionist occupied gov.) Western so-called democracies, are effectively hedge funds for the, Crony-Capitalist-Crypto-Communist #NeoHegeMonopolistic Corporate-Supremacy. The AshkeNAZI NWO. So, regardless of whether you’re a vassal on The Left or The Right wing of the empty vessel (or rather next to nothing aesthetic) that is the Zionist Bird, you, or at least “I”, get to be condescended to and subjugated by comparative imbeciles owned by soulless entities.

There is surreptitious opportunity to extricate oneself from the false political paradigms and parasitical parallels I illuminate in my song #TheSophisticatedParasite and realign with spiritual Truth whereby one might also be brought to supporting a viable socio-political solution enabling Israel the human not the Geo-Political state to be afforded due respect.

Unfortunately owing to cognitive dissonance and the spiritual bankruptcy visited upon the generic Jewified GoyTard’ many but actually most if not all, save perhaps only a few, fail to not only find the key link on the key chain required for the cognition but fail to avail themselves of the opportunity to even be on the same page. Of course, Aesthetics has a lot to do with it.

– Tommy R

Peter Cooney Enabler


When all of the stop signs actually mean go, and all of the go signs mean stop, or not. Then the scenario of chaos is ensued. There’s nothing like a good dowsing of chaos on the enemy to disrupt their efforts. It’s a tactic to upend the status quo. To bring about distrust among the trusting. When no one can be sure what the other may be up to, then the seeds of doubt are nourished and the shoots develop to unhinge confidence to the point of madness. Political correctness is like the venus fly trap of society. It looks sweet, yet is used as a trap by that which seeks to kill using honey as it’s lure. Link.

What is politically correct and what is politically incorrect revolves around various aspects of society. The obvious scenario is that it is for the benefit of society, yet this appears…

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