Israeli Foreign Policy = Pressure Cooker Politics

The final words of this below linked article. Quote.

“For the children’s sake, can the Jew please be removed from being in the bully position and let’s meet to bring balance to this world by governing our own peoples fairly and with empathy.”

Well said although you can count on all Politically Correct people to avoid this post or at the least fail to give it the LIKE it deserves because of one word. No prizes for guessing what word that might be. I will however, for the benefit of the GoyTard spell it out. Yes, it’s the “Jew” word.

“The Jewish Problem” needs to be fully investigated in order to properly understand what it actually is well enough for its “same-same-but-different” in so far as it refers to Truth Justice Peace, #TJP acronym, to ever be realized.

Unfortunately, if Free Speech is shut down in the name of Antisemitism or Racism or similar and replaced with Hate Speech Laws this critical understanding of The Jewish Problem wherein resides the solution of Truth Justice & Peace, can never be effectively (incl. systemically) accomplished. This is of course in large part WHY we’re constantly assaulted with the tyranny of Political Correctness.

While this post helps to illuminate the Marxist Jew behind the Black South African so-called Self-Determination movement (but in truth not self-determination but false parasitical parallel thereof and consequently too ironic to be credible yet is certainly worthy of serious analysis that would however unlikely be given exposure by the international Zionist-Marxist media), it’s perhaps worth mentioning the word, Boerejode (Boer Jews). One might wonder for instance exactly which South African Whites or rather Caucasians are winning asylum c/- Western ZOG’s or rather ZMOG’s such as Australia or would it be deemed Antisemitic to inquire into that?

Has The Left yet woken up to The Right? Has The Right yet woken up to The Left? Or is it all a Yet until such time as each wakes up to, itself.

– Tommy

Peter Cooney Enabler

israeli foreign policy.jpg Antisemitism and Holocaust Denial are part of Israeli Foreign Policy

In every other country the Jew will be foaming at the mouth to fight for minority rights, except where Whites are minorities. All across the world Whites are increasingly the minority of the world population, yet where are Jews rallying for the remedy of that?

29498059_181351669322248_4210050468548544280_n So the ANC are removed from office by Jews and the next is annointed for phase 2 of “Operation Kill Whitey”

In this video you can hear for yourself from a Black South African man explaining what is happening over there. I pray to God he’s safe and that his, and others messages get through. Although in saying that, the cry from the Australians is a faux par. Australia has seen massive increases on Whites in Australia, and rather than lobby the South African government, which would be normal, they have chosen to break up…

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