Unity is our… Power!

In my view, true patriotism advocates for freedom from tyranny and the self-determination of a sovereign nation whereas fake patriotism does the dirty work for a subverted nation. – Tommy R.

Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

Here is a salute from the Anglo Celtic Isles to all real Nationalists across Europe and Anglo nations who are genetically united in blood and should also be in spirit with the English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh, the 4 tribes of our archipelago “Anglo Celtic Isles” ..


Europeans = 1 blood, one beating heart striving for identity and independence that will and should be the road to unity, strength and…Power!,

Here in the Isles of the Anglo/Celts we should not allow the Zio-EU Brexit scam (((City Bankers))) with their Zio-divisive party politics and Marxistpolicies deceive us again!

We should all be shoving (((their))) Political correct hand cuffs were the sun don’t shine and rid our nations of Marxism and (((Usury))) by banishing the divisive (((rulers))).

The only road to economic freedom for nations is to destroy political correctness, this gives us freedom to pursue an interest free banking…

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