Sweden: Jews call for ban on Nordic Resistance Movement

My understanding is, NAZI is a WW2 Zionist propaganda invective … (that really got rolling post-WW2 c/- Hollywood, education system etc.) … employed to demonise and undermine the notion of authentic National Socialism in the popular culture because it is the greatest threat to world hegemony by the Zionist cabal of central banking and international finance. This was in large part their rationale for why Germany, having created precedent for economic emancipation and the prosperity of its ordinary citizens, had to be destroyed … before the Gottfried Feder economic model caught on elsewhere and ultimately brought an end to THEIR megalomaniacal agenda (not Hitler’s agenda) for world domination.

Of course now the term NAZI is still owned by Zionist interests to corral potential National Socialists into Zio-Nationalism so they become divisive Zionist Stooges rather than authentic National Socialists or True Patriots who champion the Self-Determination of their Sovereign Nation. In my view, what I call, World Citizen National Socialists #wcns is the solution for every nation that wants to be free of Zionist/Talmudic Jewish Supremacy and no the WCNS acronym doesn’t roll easily off the tongue but try to say it and it sounds quite )))Barbaric((( rather than (((Civilised))) so that’s a bonus. – Tommy R.

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