Know Yourself & What You’re About

Asha Logos

I’ve dedicated this post to sharing the content of others.

A Call for New Revolutionaries is a worthwhile video presentation by Asha Logos that resonates with my socio-political world view so I figured it’s worth publishing here for the benefit of anyone who wants to be part of The Solution to a better world.

My Girl won’t allow me to protect her so she’ll need to protect herself. Good Luck Girl.

Anti-White Indoctrination and Communist Subversion of the School System.

A pretty little thing I only just discovered today 31/12/2020 so Happy New Year 2021

My journal My Struggles Down Under as new public posts.

I’ve spent the past eighteen months or more writing a journal that traverses ground some of which is relevant to the above videos. I’ll make an effort to edit my scribbles into blog posts beginning with the most recent and working backwards. I’ll make these accessible from this page via links.

Future posts to be linked include:

  • Making Informed Life Decisions
  • Done Out of My Girl AGAIN !!
  • 2020 A Year Spent In Hindsight

EUROPA – The Last Battle [Part 3] ~ Link opens in a new window. This video is a good presentation about the history of the 3rd Reich too few young people at school these strange days are allowed to learn about.

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