AZL appeal for Scott Roberts

No introduction required. Check out his work for yourself.

Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

This is an urgent appeal for Scott Roberts, the family man who has never been afraid to show his face and speaks a clear and concise message re the Jewish question and their race bating.

Please follow this link to Anti Zionist League to donate..

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(((Red, Dark Red or Light Red)))

My intro comment on my reblog of this below linked article as follows:

Quote: “Non-racial International Brotherhood is the the death of racial diversity and the forever increasing acceptance of (((J’sh))) compound … “ ~

Agree. We must know ourselves “racially” if we are to know ourselves at all. In my view, this issue of race and racial integrity is where so many get confused and therefore susceptible to being easily swindled. Most obviously, in the context of the false L/R political paradigms, swindled into being either PC Anti-Racists or Zio-Nationalist Stooges.

There’s a lot I might say on this subject but I’m not going to enter into a full discussion of it here and now. Suffice it to say, I promote the rhetoric “Racial Respect” rather than Racial Purity because it ultimately translates to “Racial International Brotherhood” rather than “Racial or Non-Racial International Fratricide”. According to a “Racial Respect” paradigm, neither those who choose to practice Racial Purity nor those who are mixed race are excluded from “National Socialism” and quite frankly in order to be logistically tenable NS, particularly in the wake of such pernicious Communist/AshkeNAZI propaganda levelled against it for so long, needs all the support it can get.

Uniting Goyim is among other things, a numbers game and this is a game #TheSophisticatedParasite or (((J))) knows well.

It is foolish to believe Goyim will unite and overthrow Jewish Supremacy by pushing any type of divisive racial (((Supremacy))) whether it be, White (((Supremacy))) or Black (((Supremacy))) or Chinese (((Supremacy))) ad nauseam.

“Racism” or “Anti-Racism” are flip sides of the same (((Supremacist))) coin and practicing either does not honour ones race or racial mix or exhibit any respect whatsoever towards the notion of an honest education. An education that would naturally involve “Racial Studies” rather than, focusing on socially engineered “Racism” (in the post-modern Marxist Education System no less … the sheer audacity! … and double the audacity when it’s made to appear as being a White phenomena!) in order to cure it with a Soros or similar engineered “Anti-Racism”.

On the contrary it’s a parasitical divide and rule tactic. It was devised by the, Anti-Racist (((Supremacist))) Racists whose PC narrative we’re not allowed to criticise ’cause that would be Racist and whose (((Supremacy))) we’re not allowed to discuss ’cause that would be, Antisemitic.

An integral part of the solution to undermining rule by any (((Supremacist))) tribe or Parasite system or regime resides in promoting non-violent Racial Respect whereby each person/race is entitled to acknowledge their Racial Truth without being directly or indirectly forced into conflict in order to do so.

A person’s ethnicity or race or racial mix in AN environment (i.e. rather then “their” environment ’cause really? … ) constitutes their Spiritual Identity. Only to the same extent a person knows themselves which involves knowing their racial identity are they capable of respecting another’s right to their racial identity. This, looking within with humility (to learn) and empathy (to inter-relate/fellowship) is in large part why race is the bedrock of a person’s spiritual identity. Know Thyself. – Tommy R.

Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

Eyes wide shut.

So now the word “(((Jew)))” is becoming an officially protected word to stop unofficial thinkers naming the criminal “race” and “nation” destroyers. What about a descriptive alternative (((Juice)))!

Only the awakened can recognise the (((Juice))) dialectic in context …ie

Jew Savvy and Mossad alert!

Their anti Semitic trick exists to silence those of us who are (((Juice Savvy)))….. it’s not about the awakened hating “(((Juice)))” …. It’s about naming the “(((Ju criminal)))”which means being … “(((Ju savvy)))” ….Liken this Marxist logic to witnessing a hit and run car driver leaving the scene, then the witness goes on to be bullied for discrimination for voicing out the offenders registration number.

The (((Juice))) use an umbrella of semantics to silence and hide their criminality; historical and contemporary which keeps the mass on the cycle of their Zio-Marxist deception, a contradiction that distorts the social conscience and targets the European…

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Sweden: Jews call for ban on Nordic Resistance Movement

My understanding is, NAZI is a WW2 Zionist propaganda invective … (that really got rolling post-WW2 c/- Hollywood, education system etc.) … employed to demonise and undermine the notion of authentic National Socialism in the popular culture because it is the greatest threat to world hegemony by the Zionist cabal of central banking and international finance. This was in large part their rationale for why Germany, having created precedent for economic emancipation and the prosperity of its ordinary citizens, had to be destroyed … before the Gottfried Feder economic model caught on elsewhere and ultimately brought an end to THEIR megalomaniacal agenda (not Hitler’s agenda) for world domination.

Of course now the term NAZI is still owned by Zionist interests to corral potential National Socialists into Zio-Nationalism so they become divisive Zionist Stooges rather than authentic National Socialists or True Patriots who champion the Self-Determination of their Sovereign Nation. In my view, what I call, World Citizen National Socialists #wcns is the solution for every nation that wants to be free of Zionist/Talmudic Jewish Supremacy and no the WCNS acronym doesn’t roll easily off the tongue but try to say it and it sounds quite )))Barbaric((( rather than (((Civilised))) so that’s a bonus. – Tommy R.

Unity is our… Power!

In my view, true patriotism advocates for freedom from tyranny and the self-determination of a sovereign nation whereas fake patriotism does the dirty work for a subverted nation. – Tommy R.

Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

Here is a salute from the Anglo Celtic Isles to all real Nationalists across Europe and Anglo nations who are genetically united in blood and should also be in spirit with the English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh, the 4 tribes of our archipelago “Anglo Celtic Isles” ..


Europeans = 1 blood, one beating heart striving for identity and independence that will and should be the road to unity, strength and…Power!,

Here in the Isles of the Anglo/Celts we should not allow the Zio-EU Brexit scam (((City Bankers))) with their Zio-divisive party politics and Marxistpolicies deceive us again!

We should all be shoving (((their))) Political correct hand cuffs were the sun don’t shine and rid our nations of Marxism and (((Usury))) by banishing the divisive (((rulers))).

The only road to economic freedom for nations is to destroy political correctness, this gives us freedom to pursue an interest free banking…

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