Exposing the “Nazi” Epithet – Who started it, why, how, and who benefits

An interesting and informative article that may well help to clarify misconceptions about National Socialism and the term NAZI.

My understanding is Hitler did for a short while, in an effort to imbue it with the true spirit of his National Socialism, attempt to own the term NAZI yet soon realised such an effort was futile, at the least outside Germany, in the face of such a ubiquitous Zionist/Communist propaganda machine.

– Tommy R

Justice for Germans

GoebbelsAs a German child growing up in a foreign country during the 60s, I was often called a “Nazi” by some of my peers when they learned that I was German. It was of course, simply ignorant repetition or “parroting” of what was said on TV in hundreds of TV shows, Hollywood movies, alleged ‘documentaries’, in newspaper and magazine articles, as well as in radio programs, not to mention classroom indoctrination, and probably by their parents too. The libraries, of course, were also full of books which spoke of “Nazis” (and still are). So to deny that there was ever such thing as a “Nazi”, to most people, would be akin to denying the moon-landing, or perhaps more accurately, like telling a frightened child that “no monster under the bed” or “no ghost in the closet”. And one would then not only be thought as a “Nazi”, but also a…

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Israeli Foreign Policy = Pressure Cooker Politics

The final words of this below linked article. Quote.

“For the children’s sake, can the Jew please be removed from being in the bully position and let’s meet to bring balance to this world by governing our own peoples fairly and with empathy.”

Well said although you can count on all Politically Correct people to avoid this post or at the least fail to give it the LIKE it deserves because of one word. No prizes for guessing what word that might be. I will however, for the benefit of the GoyTard spell it out. Yes, it’s the “Jew” word.

“The Jewish Problem” needs to be fully investigated in order to properly understand what it actually is well enough for its “same-same-but-different” in so far as it refers to Truth Justice Peace, #TJP acronym, to ever be realized.

Unfortunately, if Free Speech is shut down in the name of Antisemitism or Racism or similar and replaced with Hate Speech Laws this critical understanding of The Jewish Problem wherein resides the solution of Truth Justice & Peace, can never be effectively (incl. systemically) accomplished. This is of course in large part WHY we’re constantly assaulted with the tyranny of Political Correctness.

While this post helps to illuminate the Marxist Jew behind the Black South African so-called Self-Determination movement (but in truth not self-determination but false parasitical parallel thereof and consequently too ironic to be credible yet is certainly worthy of serious analysis that would however unlikely be given exposure by the international Zionist-Marxist media), it’s perhaps worth mentioning the word, Boerejode (Boer Jews). One might wonder for instance exactly which South African Whites or rather Caucasians are winning asylum c/- Western ZOG’s or rather ZMOG’s such as Australia or would it be deemed Antisemitic to inquire into that?

Has The Left yet woken up to The Right? Has The Right yet woken up to The Left? Or is it all a Yet until such time as each wakes up to, itself.

– Tommy

Peter Cooney Enabler

israeli foreign policy.jpg Antisemitism and Holocaust Denial are part of Israeli Foreign Policy

In every other country the Jew will be foaming at the mouth to fight for minority rights, except where Whites are minorities. All across the world Whites are increasingly the minority of the world population, yet where are Jews rallying for the remedy of that?

29498059_181351669322248_4210050468548544280_n So the ANC are removed from office by Jews and the next is annointed for phase 2 of “Operation Kill Whitey”

In this video you can hear for yourself from a Black South African man explaining what is happening over there. I pray to God he’s safe and that his, and others messages get through. Although in saying that, the cry from the Australians is a faux par. Australia has seen massive increases on Whites in Australia, and rather than lobby the South African government, which would be normal, they have chosen to break up…

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Politically incorrect

A worthwhile article.

Yes, in my view, the Capitalist-Marxist socialist as opposed to authentic National Socialist welfare states in our respective ZOG (zionist occupied gov.) Western so-called democracies, are effectively hedge funds for the, Crony-Capitalist-Crypto-Communist #NeoHegeMonopolistic Corporate-Supremacy. The AshkeNAZI NWO. So, regardless of whether you’re a vassal on The Left or The Right wing of the empty vessel (or rather next to nothing aesthetic) that is the Zionist Bird, you, or at least “I”, get to be condescended to and subjugated by comparative imbeciles owned by soulless entities.

There is surreptitious opportunity to extricate oneself from the false political paradigms and parasitical parallels I illuminate in my song #TheSophisticatedParasite and realign with spiritual Truth whereby one might also be brought to supporting a viable socio-political solution enabling Israel the human not the Geo-Political state to be afforded due respect.

Unfortunately owing to cognitive dissonance and the spiritual bankruptcy visited upon the generic Jewified GoyTard’ many but actually most if not all, save perhaps only a few, fail to not only find the key link on the key chain required for the cognition but fail to avail themselves of the opportunity to even be on the same page. Of course, Aesthetics has a lot to do with it.

– Tommy R

Peter Cooney Enabler


When all of the stop signs actually mean go, and all of the go signs mean stop, or not. Then the scenario of chaos is ensued. There’s nothing like a good dowsing of chaos on the enemy to disrupt their efforts. It’s a tactic to upend the status quo. To bring about distrust among the trusting. When no one can be sure what the other may be up to, then the seeds of doubt are nourished and the shoots develop to unhinge confidence to the point of madness. Political correctness is like the venus fly trap of society. It looks sweet, yet is used as a trap by that which seeks to kill using honey as it’s lure. Link.

What is politically correct and what is politically incorrect revolves around various aspects of society. The obvious scenario is that it is for the benefit of society, yet this appears…

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Wandering Jews come home.

The following text from this article satirises Barbara Lerner Spectre’s famous words.

“Israel or Globally their little parasitic communities who covertly entrench themselves in governments, civil service, town and city councils across the globe, are not going to be those monolithic society’s they once were in the past decades, and we goyim are going to be at the centre of that change. Its a huge transformation for the Jews to make, they are now going in to a reality mode, and Goyim will be resented because of our leading role, but without that leading role and without that transformation Palestine and the world, especially Europe and the European as we know them will not survive. A final solution is the silenced solution Birobidzhan.”

An interesting read.

– Tommy R

Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

birobidjan-titre Did you know Jews already had a homeland the size of Switzerland ?…. No, not Madagascar….. Birobidzhan” ”yes!.

”The Jews of Birobidzhan”, ”Calling Israel!” ”Calling Israel!”….”A calling to all Jews….While all our  Jews globally wolf cry a failing Ho£o’cau$™®©lament of victim hud, we still have plenty of room here in Birobidjan the Capital City of the eponymous Jewish autonomous Oblast of the Soviet Union for your resettlement”… ”Yes, Siberia” ….. “So now its all a rocki’n please come a knocki’n” ……”and the world, surprising once known, will support the Jewish Zionist resettlement in an instant!!!!!”

Jewish Policing London The Shetar works in the interest of Jews. Jewish Policing London 2015.

Meanwhile across the globe we see and feel a rise in Jewish awareness to all their self anointed supremacy, skulduggery and covert power structure over the gentile, that awareness they use as a sign of Anti Semitism and make…

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5th Columnists – Part 3/5 Not so ‘Kosher’ Holocaust business..

I’m guessing that in typically noble Aryan or rather “too blond” sentiment, we White goyim figured we should give the poor devil a “head start” in the race we didn’t know we were competing in, to win the last, dry, stale, biscuit in Ye O’l Biscuit Tin.

The Bolshevik/Russian Revolution, WW1/WW2, contemporary Greater Israel-PNAC-Neocon Wars for Balkanisation, the Invasion of Europe, corporate indoctrinated careerists ambitiously facilitating our ZOG’s to confuse, divide and own us, ad nauseam. All this and more is so well outlined in this illuminating article by, Peter Quiggins.

Yes. White people as history has too well proved can be such well intended, losers. Especially when we’re believing we are the winners we so clearly aren’t. Perhaps we’re just trying to figure out if it’s because we’re so unutterably, stupid or too utterly, nice … or the other way around with the utter-lies?

Yes. We are too easily duped, divided amongst ourselves and/or against the enemy of our enemy who we’ve failed to identify ’cause we ‘hope’ … as opposed to having any real ability to actually ‘think’ or see the reality in front of our eyes … the enemy, is our ally.

Notice how even the last five words in my above paragraph, if not read correctly with respect to grammar and context, are susceptible to contradictory interpretations. Yes, the devil is certainly in the details. The devil is also however in academia and particularly, bureaucracy.

So giving too much or all attention and credibility to details while affording too little respect to human intuition, common sense, practical life experience, personal sincerity of insight into the human condition etc. is a great mistake. Yes, a whole-istic approach is required.

Predictably, as Neoliberalism attests, the devil attempts to de-value the worth of the most profound philosophical insights and human attributes while hijacking these qualities, along with everything else, under the guise of fancy, disingenuously magnanimous terms such as,  Globalism.

How demoralising it can be to wake up on a Monday morning to be reminded one is owned. Grim.

So, for me at the least, it begs the question. What exactly do I need to do about it all in order to put it right or rather, fix it, so it’s made good and proper?

Suggestions? … from Dad’s Army perhaps?

– Tommy R

Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

The Jew has created an infrastructure so complex it could not happen so smoothly if the higher echelons of Zio-Marxism within the corridors of power did not have direct access to the criminal underworld. In Britain alone during the so called ‘swinging’ 50’s and 60’s the Jewish homosexualKray twins controlled by Meyer Lansky, Jewish brethren occupying America were given immunity during their degenerate spree before the baton was passed over to the next level. These 2 degenerate bitches were the street level fixers for their political Kehilla agents, employed to help collapse any governmental opposition during the Profumo affair. So let’s take this example to another level.

The fanned breakdown of Communism and the protracted collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989, behind which was a Bolshevik safe house incubating a tribal Zio-Marxist infrastructure. It is a fact that it coincided with the upsurge of Political Correctness (Cultural…

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Fake History Lie of the Month: Germany Conspired With Other Axis Powers To Start WWII

Is it possible Adolf Hitler was simply more concerned with defending Germany’s sovereign right to Self-Determination rather than conquering the world for some megalomaniacal tribal agenda?

– Tommy R

WEARS WAR has moved to a new website!

“…The answer is clear. The state of German armament in 1939 gives the decisive proof that Hitler was not contemplating general war, and probably not intending war at all.”

The Lie:

Germany conspired with the other Axis Powers to start World War II.

axis leader poster.jpg Axis Leaders By Arthur Szyk

The Truth:

No confirmation has ever been found in German archives that Germany conspired to instigate World War II. The Axis powers also never had a clear-cut plan for achieving world domination. Gen. George Marshall points out in a report titled The Winning of the War in Europe and the Pacific that there was never close cooperation among the Axis powers. Marshall’s report, which was published after the war, was based on American intelligence reports and interviews with captured German commanders. Marshall’s report contains the following statements:

      No evidence has yet been found that the German High Command had any over-all…

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A Zionist Hypnotic Trance

Excellent article by Peter Quiggins that helps to explain Cultural Marxism, contemporary Western Democracies, ZOG’s, divide and rule symbiotic relationships such as Capitalism/Marxism, Racism/Multiculturalism etc. whereby what I refer to as Pseudo-Parasites are owned or made dependent upon The [666-DevilBeast-VirtualHost-Parasite] System, the end game or what I refer to as the, Crony Capitalist Crypto Communist #NeoHegeMonopolistic Corporate Supremacy NWO agenda and ultimately WHY what I refer to as World Citizen National Socialism #WCNS seems to me to be the most credible solution.

You may also be interested to check my various Google+ posts where I discuss the White Supremacy’ misnomer. Most are in my private Google+ collections so requires a Google+ Follow. Here’s a sample from my public page.

Whether you identify with The Left or The Right of the false political paradigms, reading what I have to say or watching my Video Song Demos replete with my posts about my songs or artwork, may help you to elucidate, truth. This extends to identifying your cognitive dissonance and the cognitive dissonance of others. This is particularly the case in so far as it pertains to and also in the context of, it being leveraged by contemporary media incl. so-called alternative media, rhetoric. A media rhetoric that attempts to reinforce the cognitive dissonance of its respective audience(s) because this is required in order to own the divisive media bite narrative.

My work as an independent artist might possibly even help you reveal unto yourself a sinew of truth profound enough to inspire you to deem that truth worthy of being afforded your time and energy and pursuit. In order, that its implicit and ultimately indomitable logic is not forsaken to a morass of post-modern nihilism from which you-yourself and future generations will invariably need to extricate ourselves, if we are to (again) know what constitutes our human dignity and purpose. Indeed, to retain or at the least attempt to recover ownership of our human worth.

– Tommy R


Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

Compassionate Pirates 

To get to the full ”impact” and ”understanding” of this chapter when reading move cursor onto photographs or highlighted words and press to open links.

The coming New World Order is the creation of the Zionist oligarchs/Jewish Zionist criminal families who own the global Banking along with most of the leading corporations and industrialist. Their goal is to have absolute power and dominion over all sovereign Governments so individual nations are puppets Israel did Sep11 attacksusing the power of the State to suppress internal dissent.

In order to maximise the power and profits of the evil Jewish controlled corporations, Zionist democracy controls and funds all the election campaigns of the world’s political parties to shuffle the apparent ‘authority’. All this is supported by big Jewish Marxist media corporations that get politicians elected into govern, while the unconscious masses have a habit of obedience and will stand in line for anything…

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From ‘Order’… into a Rainbow of Chaos:

Quoted from the below article.

“We have, it is true, entirely broken the power of the Jews in the Reich, but they have not given up. They did not rest until they had mobilized the whole world against us. Since they could no longer conquer Germany from within, they want to try it from without. Every Russian, English, and American soldier is a mercenary of this world conspiracy of a parasitic race. Given the current state of the war, who could still believe that they are fighting and dying at the front for the national interests of their countries! The nations want a decent peace, but the Jews are against it. They know that the end of the war would mean the dawning humanity’s knowledge of the unhealthy role that International Jewry played in preparing for and carrying out this war. They fear being unmasked, which has in fact become unavoidable and must inevitably come, just as the day follows the night. “The Creators of the World’s Misfortunes”

by Joseph Goebbels (excerpt) The source: “Die Urheber des Unglücks der Welt,” Das Reich, 21 January 1945, pp. 1, 3.


This article also offers good insight into an authentic National Socialist economy compared to a Capitalist economy. Read also this reblog esp. for an understanding of some fundamental differences between a National Socialist and a Marxist Socialist economy.

– Tommy R

Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

Meine Verbrühung Tränen (My Scalding Tears)

Anarchism: One of the many tools of the Zionist Banker crime families used to cause division and chain reactions to secure, reinforce, or reinstate usury in target nations.

Marinus (Rinus) van der Lubbe (13 January 1909 – 10 January 1934) was a Jewish immigrant and a Dutch council communist/Marxist, tried, convicted and executed for setting fire to the German Reichstag building on 27 February 1933, an event known as the Reichstag fire.

Gestapo: Set up in self defence, within weeks of the Reichstag fire. Patriotic and strict but only feared by enemies of the state, Marxists, Bolshevik Jews, double agents, traitors and spies etc.

The contemporary Hollywood Neo-nazi image of today is a sub-product of Jewish and fake ally and Bolshevik post-war propaganda to secure the interests of the Jewish Banker crime families and their global network of usury, money laundering and white collar gatekeepers.

Lichterfelde Barracks: Became the…

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The Antithesis – Part 2/5 – Not so ‘Kosher’ Holocaust business …..

I want to preface this Reblog with a couple of my own Google+ posts. Post #1 and Post #2

Post #2 is in a private collection so will require you to Follow me on Google+ in order to access.

– Tommy R

Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

The (((Zio-Marxist money changers))) started WWII in 1933 by instigating an international boycott on German manufactured goods. Like WWI this war was forced on Europe by an alien occupier. The consequences of WWI saw Germany split and her former colonies ethnically cleansed by Jewish Bolsheviks while in Germany itself the Germans were wading nose deep in a Yiddish manufactured depression that was starving and killing her people. During the Weimar years National Socialism advocated a self-financing interest free system, which was and always would be an inclusive system for all not just a select few; once elected this system was installed and it protected Germany from starvation and almost wiped out unemployment.

While the example below applies substantially to Great Britain the Jew uses similar methods in all occupied nations. I am trying to show people the simplicity of indentured slavery that Feder recognised and reversed. This is…

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Politics Within Modern Popular Music – The Devil at the Crossroads

My lyrical comment on this post which is a good read.

I was wondering while wandering like a wandering who why I’m not living large on legions indentured into the who of the who’s who but only have an audience that numbers one or two or maybe at most a few and here your writing confirms my POV it’s ’cause my soul is too 卐 erudite 卍 so it just doesn’t fit quite right for who is the who in the who’s who so, thank you and this kind-of-rhymes so I’m guessing it might be true.

– Tommy R

Peter Cooney Enabler

Cross.jpg The Kosher Conundrum – Politics in Music

As the story goes, way down in the Deep South of the Mississippi Delta a young aspiring musician by the name of Robert Johnson did make a deal with a certain unnameable being that’s long been the point of conjecture. Yet, when we follow the paper trail of the receipts for payments for work, then lo and behold none other than Mr. Jew is all over it once again. From those very first early recordings of the Blues did the pilgrims of the crossroad make deals with the devil. Now, there was only one recording house of the day, and that was in Chicago, where many Negro musicians ventured in search of fame. Link.

There are many depictions of the devil, and none more clear than that of Jesus on the mountain top. The time where Satan offers the Lord the whole…

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